3 Kinds of People Who Make the Most of Lecture Capture

Recording lectures and live streaming from a classroom environment are powerful tools in the hands of an effective educator. These three kinds of instructors are setting the bar for utilizing video technology to maximize student outcomes.

3 Screencasting Tactics in the Classroom

The potential implications of recording, streaming, and sharing screens cast a wide net over the future of classroom teaching tactics. As free screencasting software becomes increasingly prevalent, we see more and more effective implementations to learn from. Here are three simple, yet effective, ways to make the most of screencasting technology. Whiteboard Videos  Perhaps most... Continue Reading →

5 Must-Read #EdTech Resources

Technology in education is the archetype of a trendsetting field. The Internet is awash with new techniques and technology to be applied in universities and K-12 classrooms. In the interest of helping you cut through the clutter, here’s a list of blogs and publications that keep us abreast of the latest news and innovations in... Continue Reading →

Lecture Capture Keeps Students on Schedule for Graduation

Rising costs of education are driving university students to take one or more jobs in an attempt to avoid mounting student debt. To accommodate part-time or full-time work, most students are taking more than the traditional four years to complete a bachelor’s degree. How are universities responding to this growing drain on financial and academic... Continue Reading →


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