Do-It-Yourself Lecture Capture Recorder

We are excited to announce our new Do-It-Yourself CaptureCast Pro recorder solution that enables schools to build and maintain their own lecture capture hardware while running CaptureCast Pro. Schools can re-purpose older lecture recorders or spare computers that are no longer in use as a base foundation for the base hardware to save money. We offer a series of audio and video capture cards for you to install that will cover HDMI, DVI, SDI, Component, XLR, and RCA capture inputs to meet your audio/video recording requirements.

We have partnered with Magewell capture cards to offer direct integration, support, and software maintenance to ensure recordings are robust and of the highest of quality. You can concurrently use multi-channel capture cards to take advantage of our multi-source recording and streaming technology to capture every teaching device in the classroom including cameras, computers, document cameras, microscopes, medical equipment and more to produce a multi-perspective video playback.

CaptureCast Pro Do-It-Yourself comes with all the same great features as our turnkey hardware and is enabled to work with our centralized management and monitoring service to control each recorder across your campus network. Reach out to request a live demonstration of our new Do-It-Yourself lecture capture recorder solution or click here to learn more .

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