CaptureCast Command Center: Complete Lecture Capture Control

The most valuable commodity in this day and age is time. There is never enough of it to accomplish everything we need to, and so much is wasted doing things that should be able to be done from one place. How many times have you had to go from room to room, checking to make sure something is working properly? That is time you will never get back.

That is why Cattura created our intuitive Command Center for CaptureCast hardware. This centralized monitoring server allows you to see the status of every lecture capture recorder you have on campus from one place. No more logging into singular machines, and no more going from room to room to see if they’re doing what they are supposed to.

Our web-based dashboard is built in HTML5, so it works on any browser. When you sign in, you see the recorders you have attached to the account. Select one, and you can check the status of a current capture, remotely start or stop it, and even view the live feed to confirm everything is working perfectly.

See the status of every lecture capture recorder you have on campus from one place.

You can switch from recorder to recorder without having to log in to each one individually, saving you time and frustration. You even have access to create or edit templates or scheduled recordings, so never worry that an instructor won’t have exactly what they need. Don’t spend more time than you have to working through cumbersome screens on other machines or manually checking them to be sure they’re working. Just know they are with confidence!

We have built this tool for any size organization to use – from one person to a team, and even for individual users. Define roles for your users that determine what they see, have access to, or can edit. Need to give a professor the ability to edit the templates they use for class, or do you have someone who strictly checks status and confirms they’re running? You determine how much or how little to give access to.

Stop wasting so much time having to log in separately every time you need to see if a recorder is working properly. There is much more coming up, so stay tuned for new features, tips, and tricks. Save time, effort, and your sanity – Command your lecture captures!

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