Cattura Video partners with Canvas LMS to Empower Video in your Classroom

Cattura Video is proud to announce our new course inside of the Canvas learning management system! The course is designed to introduce you to the Learning Engine by Cattura Video, a powerful and simple way to empower educational video content inside of one of the most popular LMS in the world.

The Learning Engine by Cattura Video is a powerful, easy-to-use, and robust tool created for educators to utilize video in their classrooms. With the rise of flipped classrooms and blended learning, creating and using video content is more important than ever before. It allows you to reach your students in new ways they are excited to use, and will let you have more time to interact with them one-on-one.

The Learning Engine and Canvas is a powerful and easy to use tool.

Canvas is already one of the most important tools in a teacher’s flipped classroom, and with the addition of the Learning Engine, the ability to reach students with content they will want to watch and can easily find is embedded into a system you already use – no need to learn a brand new application, and no need to change how you teach or how you manage your class.

To access the free Learning Engine course in Canvas, click here. If you are having trouble with that link, click here and enter the code CBLGXN. The course can also be found in the Instructure Partners page here.

The Learning Engine by Cattura Video is available here, and is compatible with any LTI-enabled learning management system. Experience our course inside of Canvas LMS, or click here for more information on how the Learning Engine can change the way you use video in your classroom and how you reach your students.

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