Cattura and Kaltura: A Match Made in Lecture Capture Heaven

Lecture capture is a powerful tool that allows instructors and students to connect like never before. Being able to review material on an upcoming test, going back and taking more notes, or even catching up after missing a class are vital in today’s learning environment. Recording your lectures and making them available to students is easy, thanks to Video Management Systems.

Kaltura is one of the largest and most popular video management systems on the market today. Their Capturespace software allows you to easily record lectures and synchronize them to PowerPoint presentations right on your computer using your webcam or other video and audio devices. For personal recording, Capturespace is a great tool. However, it is limited by your computer’s processing power and the number of inputs and sources it has in a single capture.

CaptureCast Pro is ready to take on anything you can throw at it.

In professional capture situations where you require a solution that serves your whole classroom, Cattura’s CaptureCast Pro hardware fills the gaps. CaptureCast Pro is set up for multi-device, multi-perspective capture. When you have multiple cameras, document cameras, and other video devices, you need something purpose-built for the situation. CaptureCast Pro units are assembled by the Cattura team to fit your setup, whether it’s all HDMI, or a mix of inputs.

Personal capture may be the majority of your needs, and that is great; some instructors only need one camera, or in some cases just audio. Capturespace is well suited to those situations, and performs exactly the way you need. In situations that require a bit more power, or that have more angles to capture, CaptureCast Pro is ready to take on anything you can throw at it.

Once the capture is completed and the video is uploaded to Kaltura, the content is treated the same. Every backend tool that Kaltura offers interfaces perfectly with CaptureCast Pro devices, so there’s no extra steps required.

Solutions utilizing Kaltura and Cattura vary depending on your needs. Through the next few articles, we will showcase more differences between the technologies and help you identify your needs, and how Cattura can use your existing VMS setup to provide the best experience possible.

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