Automatic Recording When You Need it

Let’s face it: professors are busy. They are running in and out, back and forth, room to room. They don’t have enough time to grab a cup of coffee, much less to remember to stop recording their lecture and upload it. Sometimes, they only realize it when it’s too late…

CaptureCast Pro is built for busy classrooms and busy educators. You can program your units to automatically start and end at a set time, so they don’t have to worry about pressing play or stop; these tasks are performed automatically. If they start early or finish late, no problem – CaptureCast Pro units can also be controlled by room control systems like Crestron with the help of our RESTful API.

CaptureCast Pro will get professional lectures captured every time, without professors having to think about it

Scheduling doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you’re recording. With CaptureCast Pro’s templates, you tell us exactly what and how you want your recordings to happen. Select the sources you want to use, tell us how you want them displayed, and where your captures will be uploaded, such as Kaltura. With advanced tools like Optical Character Recognition and Scene Change Detector, you can automate chapter data and match your PowerPoint to your presentation – and that’s just on the surface.

If you have holidays coming up, there’s no reason to record an empty room. CaptureCast Pro has the ability to black out certain days or periods, so you don’t have to cancel an entire capture schedule for one or two days. Simply go to that unit, and schedule the blackout for the time and day you need.

Our educators have incredibly busy schedules and enough on their mind. Don’t let starting and stopping a lecture capture add to their stress, and don’t lose lectures when they forget to do them. CaptureCast Pro will get professional lectures captured every time, without them even having to think about it.

Interested in taking our CaptureCast hardware for a spin? Request a hands-on trial or sign up for a webinar for more information!

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