What is professional lecture capture?

The method you use to capture video is dependent on what you need to accomplish. For some, one video input and a PowerPoint is all that is needed. For some, multiple devices and perspectives are required. Think of this as two different needs – personal and professional.

Personal capture is great for those looking to create content for their students or record their lectures. These videos are usually short, and only use one video source – a microphone, and a computer screen or presentation. Most solutions bundled with video management systems work this way.

Professional capture, on the other hand, needs to be more robust. Often, it includes the use of multiple cameras or video devices recording from multiple angles, and they run a bit longer, usually between 1 to 3 hours. With these types of recordings, quality and stability are a must – they cannot fail or have a dip in quality.

While it’s frustrating when creating personal content, it could be disastrous or expensive in a professional capture environment.

When recording personal captures, your personal computer is the device that takes the inputs and processes the video. If you have something running in the background, or if something messes up, you could potentially lose your capture. While it’s frustrating when creating personal content, it could be disastrous or expensive in a professional capture environment.

This is why devices such as the CaptureCast Pro are specifically designed for professional recording and lecture capture situations. In situations where high quality recording is a requirement, hardware is one of your best assets. CaptureCast units are designed to handle up to six HD video streams at the same time without a single dip in quality. In situations where a failed capture can cause irreplaceable damage, you need a device that won’t fail you.

Personal and professional capture situations share many aspects – the desire to create amazing content, to convey ideas, and to be an excellent educational resource are only a few. However, when your needs are greater than a single source, you need something designed to match. To learn more about CaptureCast Pro and see how Cattura Video can fill in the gaps, click here or send us an email to chat with our sales team.

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