CaptureCast Pro’s New Look

Our original CaptureCast Pro units looked every bit like a hardcore video capture solution – big and powerful. That original design was so big, in fact, that we decided that it was time for it to lose a little weight, drop its size down a bit, and split itself in two – and that’s just what we did.

Cattura Video is proud to introduce our revamped CaptureCast Pro hardware as well as the brand-new CaptureCast Slim. Powerful, robust video and lecture capture with less size. While we may have dropped some mass, we didn’t compromise on features.

Powerful, robust video and lecture capture with less size.

CaptureCast Pro units have slimmed down from 3U to 2U rack-mountable units, saving precious space in already-crowded areas. These units did not cut out any features, as they still start with a 2TB hard drive and are capable of simultaneously capturing up to 6 HD sources without breaking a sweat.

Our brand-new CaptureCast Slim units are every bit as powerful as their bigger brother, but squeezed into a 1U rack-mountable body. These units can record two HD sources at the same time, which is more than plenty for smaller classrooms or those with less need. Better still, they’re more affordable for those planning a large-scale or campus-wide rollout!

Every CaptureCast unit uses our open software, and can be accessed using our centralized Command Center, making control and operation of any number of machines a snap from anywhere. Find out how Cattura and CaptureCast can simplify your video capture and streaming needs today by joining one of our webinars or requesting a hands-on trial!

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