Your Content, Available in Seconds

Echo360 has been in the lecture capture and medical video & simulation space for a while, and they are responsible for some of the innovations the industry takes for granted. Video management platform competition from Kaltura and Panopto, home-grown solutions, and learning management systems provide plenty of options for those looking for a different solution.

A major factor in why people seek out an alternative solution is based on time – the one thing everyone wants more of. Due to the method Echo360 processes your uploaded content, it takes a long time. Some report waiting up to 4 days to get access to their videos.

This is because of their workflow: The video is captured on your Echo360 hardware or a personal computer, then encoded into Echo360’s proprietary format. From there, it hits their servers and uploads, which is time-consuming as well. Once the process is complete, students have already moved to the next class, or your viewers may have lost interest in the subject.

This is why CaptureCast hardware is so powerful – No time wasted encoding.

This is why CaptureCast hardware is so powerful. Our solution process video as it is captured, so there’s no time wasted encoding it after the capture is finished. All videos are encoded in H264/AAC, a universal format that allows us to keep your videos secure, but not locked down.

The rest of the workflow is up to your needs. Because CaptureCast is so open and configurable, we work perfectly with many of the options you can use. You can automatically upload content to Kaltura, Panopto, or another video management platform, as well as YouTubeVimeo, FTP, or your local storage as soon as the capture ends! These are all uploaded in an open format of your choosing, so there is no concerns about getting your content back and being able to access it later, unlike with proprietary systems.

There are many other benefits to CaptureCast hardware, such as dedicated multi-source recording in 1080p HD, simultaneous streaming and recording, and many tools like advanced scheduling, as well as our centralized confidence monitoring system. Visit our website to learn more about CaptureCast or sign up for a free trial to take it for a drive yourself!

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