The Best Lecture Capture Hardware: Round 2

Panopto is a very popular video management system that is open to accepting hardware from multiple manufacturers. CaptureCast units integrate with them incredibly well, and the number of people who use Panopto with CaptureCast hardware continues to grow. Puget Systems‘ unit is one of the “Panopto-Certified” device.

Let’s unpack the major differences between the Puget build and the CaptureCast Pro. Input options are the first compromise – Puget offers 4 DVI-I, but includes adapters for HDMI. These sources are also the only audio source, which is embedded audio.

Video, especially multi-perspective HD-quality video, takes up a lot of processing power

One of the largest differences is in power – CaptureCast Pro is built with a powerful Intel Core i7 Processor and 32gb of memory compared to the Puget’s Intel Xeon E3 processor and 8gb of memory. Video, especially HD-quality video, takes up a lot of processing power, meaning that even though the Puget Systems build has 4 inputs, it maxes out at 2 simultaneous captures compared to the CaptureCast’s 6.

Check out the full comparison chart below, and keep in mind that the CaptureCast Slim is just as powerful as our Pro model if what you need is 2-source recording. If you’re interested to learn more about our integration with Panopto or take a CaptureCast unit for a test drive


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