3 Screencasting Tactics in the Classroom

The potential implications of recording, streaming, and sharing screens cast a wide net over the future of classroom teaching tactics.

As free screencasting software becomes increasingly prevalent, we see more and more effective implementations to learn from.

Here are three simple, yet effective, best practices to make the most of screencasting technology.

Whiteboard Videos

 Perhaps most popularized by the Khan Academy, whiteboard videos are a powerful way to accentuate spoken content with written notes or graphic representations. While not an example of text-book screencasting, this can be an effective supplement to sharing your screen content.

Like a classroom whiteboard, students benefit from the combination of text appearing in real-time and the human element of hand-written content.

Flipping the Classroom

Some buzzwords quickly run their course and fade into obscurity. Yet, the “flipped classroom” continues to reverberate in academic circles.

Having students engage with key material prior to class has been a best practice of humanities courses for some time, but the growth of screencasting technology (and other methods of recording lectures) is catalyzing this teaching method across other disciplines.

Once students have engaged with text materials or recorded lectures, classroom time can then be devoted to a more intense application and analysis of the key concepts.

Providing Student Feedback

The ability to screencast while recording audio content is a game-changer for providing essay feedback for the massive number of students enrolled in university English Composition courses.

One professor noted her experience using screencasting to offer essay feedback. While imperfect, the power of video to extend an instructor’s reach will continue to evolve and shape the teaching methods applied to large course enrollment.

Want to Try it Out?

Most screencasting practitioners use a combination of paid and free software to create content for their students.

To get started and play around with some possibilities, check out our Chrome app. download the CaptureCast Chrome extension right now!

Download the CaptureCast Chrome extension! 

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