Cattura Video’s Open Philosophy

There are many things that have changed with Cattura Video over the years – Team members, our old design, projects, and our short-lived obsession with that cup-and-ball game have all come and gone, but there has been one consistent thing throughout – our commitment to open design and infrastructure. We have made good on delivering a platform that is not only open, but simple to work with.

Cattura’s Commitment to Sustainability

Cattura Video is a company that always looks to the future. Technological innovations and CaptureCast improvements is a small part of how we’re preparing our company for the future – the other major part comes in on how we care for the future of the planet.

OpenCast and Cattura Video

Opencast is an open-source video management system that is free, easy to use, and customizable platform that is used in thousands of classrooms around the globe. Cattura Video is proud to integrate OpenCast into the CaptureCast platform.

Cattura Partners with AV-iQ

Cattura Video is proud to announce our new partnership with AV-iQ, the largest and most comprehensive database of audiovisual products and companies ever assembled! This tool enables us to provide updates and give you a full-featured look into CaptureCast!

Future Proof hardware for ever-changing institutions

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “change is the only constant in life.” This is especially true with technology. New equipment comes out every day and needs change. Keeping up is difficult – make it easier with CaptureCast Pro.

Introducing Simplified Versions

Updates are everywhere in your life. Just like with the apps on your phone, there is always some bug fix, feature improvement, or version change. CaptureCast units are no different, and our team is working every day to improve how the systems work, update drivers and add new features. How can you be sure you have the latest version?

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